About Me

Greetings! My name is Esther Trevino, and I’m the #GlutenFreeNerd from Southern California. 

I have asthma and Celiac Disease. I’m also severely allergic to peanuts, shellfish, and bees. I got the nickname “The Gluten Free Nerd” because I attend just as many events, conferences, and expos that are about comic books, space, science, computers, and video games – as I do gluten free, Celiac Disease, and allergy friendly events. 

With my creative food recipes and nerdy fashion, I aspire to open kids eyes to the wonders of the universe. My goal is to open their hearts and minds to careers in space and science industries. When I speak at events, I talk to kids about my favorite scientists, current space news, or some of my favorite topics from the cosmos series. I want kids to focus on something other than their dietary restrictions.

I am a Food Allergy Research Education (FARE) Community Engagement Council Board Member in San Diego, CA. Being a part of this council means a lot to me because spreading awareness about food allergies goes hand-in-hand with my everyday goals. I am also an advocate for the Planetary Society, and founding member of The Mars Generation.

It’s my mission to help people follow their passions and live a normal life, even with dietary restrictions. I’ve had moments in my life where I have had to use my epi-pen. I believe I am more than just my food allergies and autoimmune disorder. This is the type of attitude I aspire to instill in kids when I speak at conferences, conventions, and expos.

My blog and social media platforms reach a separate and distinctive audience from traditional news media. My social media accounts include:

Instagram (TheGlutenFreeNerd)

Twitch (@TheGlutenFreeNerd)

Twitter (@EstherTrevino)

YouTube (The Gluten Free Nerd)

Facebook (The Gluten Free Nerd).


May the Force be with you! 

With love,