The Gluten Free Nerd Fashion Tale

Fashion is an extension of my identity. Nerdy clothing has always been something I have sought after ever since I was a child. I think because I grew up going to private schools that required uniforms, I was that much more conscious of picking out my outfits when I was allowed to express myself through fashion. I have one sibling, his name is Carlos, and we are very close. When my Mom or Dad would take us shopping as kids, I remember thinking my brother always had cooler themed clothing options in comparison to me. Often times, my Mom would get me the same outfit as my brother, and she’d have it reconstructed to be a more feminine fit. All my nerdyness that makes me who I am today is thanks to my parents.


To have brands like Her Universe and Think Geek is a big deal. These brands allow us to celebrate our fandoms in such a sublime way! They are providing nerdy fashionable options for the masses in a way that has never been done before, especially options for girls. Whether someone is wearing a Loki ring or has on a Star Trek scarf, or even a Dr. Who themed Tardis dress, we all seek ways to define ourselves through fashion. I believe that fashion is its own language. Fashion unites us in a way that we are able to find common grounds with people all over the world. I love that I can make new friends just because of my outfit of the day. Nerdy fashion has taught me how to connect with people even more no matter what city, state, or country I am visiting.


My career revolves around me using food and fashion to teach kids about space and science. Often times people refer to me as a gluten free Miss Frizzle. I aspire to get kids excited about the wonders of the universe. I even bake pale blue dot cookies to teach kids about Carl Sagan while wearing something just as themed as my cookies. For example, I’ll wear a Star Wars skirt and cardigan at an event while I talk to kids about physics and aerospace. I even make custom space themed skirts with actual images from Mars, thanks to NASA. I use my daily fashion as a platform to talk to kids about Mars rovers like Opportunity, Spirit, and Curiosity. My goal is to open kids hearts and minds to careers in space and science industries.Fashion encourages me to talk to kids about my favorite scientists, current space news, or some of my favorite topics from the Cosmos series. We are living in exciting times. And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for more female fashion that allows for everyday cosplay.