Support LIGHTSAIL – Solar Sailing, Flight by Light

The Planetary Society’s LightSail spacecraft is getting ready to make space exploration history as the first to demonstrate controlled solar sail flight of a CubeSat.

Known as the people’s spacecraft, together we’re ushering in a new era—the democratization of space—but there’s still so much to be done and we need your support to do it.

“We have lingered for too long on the shores of the cosmic ocean; it’s time to set sail for the stars.”
— Carl Sagan

We’re kicking off the final phase of preparations for the upcoming launch of LightSail 2 into space aboard the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket. We need your help to get there.

When you make a gift today, your contribution —and your impact on the LightSail mission—will be boosted by a $50,000 matching gift challenge issued by a generous Planetary Society member!

And, with a gift to support LightSail, you’ll be invited to share that thrilling launch day with us, either in person or online.

Our time to sail the cosmic ocean has arrived; our technology and design advances can now achieve the high performance needed in space. Thank you for joining forces with us with a gift today. Together, we’re changing the world!

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