Her Universe Tea Party Tuesday with The Gluten Free Nerd

I had the honor of getting to be part of a Tea Party Tuesday segment with Ashley Eckstein, the amazing woman leading the @HerUniverse brand. This woman can do it all! She’s the voice of Ashoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, and Cheetah in DC Super Hero Girls. She also makes everyday cosplay apparel for girls in a way that has never been done before for the masses. I can remember being a kid and constantly thinking: why do boys get all the cool Star Wars, Star Trek and Marvel outfits. I used to have my Mom get me the boys tshirts + jackets and then have them altered by a seamstress to make them a more girly fit. One of my favorite Star Wars jackets that I still have to this day is an example of exactly that experience. I got the boys size jacket that was closest to my size and then had to have the jacket cropped from the base, pulled in from the sides, and a new zipper was put it. My parents are the coolest, and I’m so lucky they’re just as big fans of everything you see me share on my accounts as I am. All the nerdyness that makes me who I am today is thanks to them! To have a brand like Her Universe is a big deal. It allows girls to celebrate our fandom in such a sublime way! Most of my wardrobe is Her Universe, I don’t know what I would do without this brand.


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