GlutenFreeNerd (3)


Hi! My name is Esther Trevino, and I’m the #GlutenFreeNerd from San Diego, California. I have asthma and Celiac Disease. I’m also severely allergic to peanuts, shellfish, and bees. I got the nickname “the gluten free nerd” because I attend just as many events, conferences, and expos that are about comic books, space, science, computers, and video games – as I do gluten free, Celiac Disease, and allergy friendly events. My blog and social media platforms reach a separate and distinctive audience from traditional news media. My social media accounts include: Instagram (TheGlutenFreeNerd), Twitter (@EstherTrevino), and Facebook (The Gluten Free Nerd).

My  social media accounts are meant to be fun and educate people, especially kids, on the severity of dietary restrictions at the same time. My recipes often times are inspired by my favorite scientists, current space news, or some of my favorite topics from the cosmos series. I don’t just want to open kids eyes to space and science, I want to open their hearts and their minds. When I speak at gluten free and allergy friendly events I try to talk to kids about science because I want them to focus on something other than their dietary restrictions.

Being a Food Allergy Research Education (FARE) Community Engagement Council Board Member in San Diego, CA, means a lot to me because spreading awareness about food allergies within my own community goes hand-in-hand with my everyday goals. I am also a proud member of the Planetary Society, and founding member of The Mars Generation. It’s my goal to make people understand that you can follow your passions and live a normal life, even with dietary restrictions. I’ve had moments in my life where I have had to use my epi-pen. I believe I am more than just my food allergies and autoimmune disorder. This is the type of attitude I aspire to instill when I speak to people at conferences, conventions, and expos I attend annually.