2017 March for Science Washington, DC

On April 22, we gathered in more than 600 places around the world to voice and demonstrate our support for science and the fundamental role it plays in serving and improving our society through informed-policy. We come from all educational backgrounds, from a rich diversity of human experiences, and from nations around the world: the March for Science reached from the Global South to the North Pole. This week, The Planetary Society will mobilize through a “Week of Action.” We will contact elected officials, support science institutions in our communities, and hold our leaders in society and science accountable to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness. And we will work to bring science and the benefits of scientific research to those who need it most. The Planetary Society salutes everyone who supported the March for Science this past weekend. Keep the momentum going!

We’re raising $100,000 to represent you in Washington, D.C. Take action now. We sit at a key moment to influence the direction for space with the new Administration and Congress. While there is much bipartisan support for NASA, major budget cuts are coming down the line that may severely impact space science and exploration.

We must speak up—right now—to demonstrate public support for space exploration.

Funding for our Advocacy program is critical. The more funding we have, the more effective we can be, which ultimately translates into more missions, more science, and more exploration.

We have a plan to engage the new Administration and the new Congress to build support for space science and exploration. And we need to increase our investment in our Washington, D.C. operations.

How much we increase our D.C. operations depends on you. So does our ability to provide new educational tools and to be present at major space symposiums and meetings around the world.

It’s a small investment now that could pay off in a major way. Our future at Mars, the Moon, Europa, and beyond depends on our ability to advocate for space over the next year.

Your gift today will be doubled thanks to a generous donor who will match your gift dollar for dollar up to $50,000.

Thank you for being part of the strong coalition speaking out for science and exploration.

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